Squirrels, pigeons and other critters, oh my

It’s warm and cozy in the gap between solar panels and the roof, creating an attractive nesting environment for squirrels and pigeons, even possums, raccoons or field mice and other critters. These critters are a nuisance, sometimes bringing disease or noise, and can cause a lot of damage to wiring and the functioning of your solar-electric system. The solution?

The solution is Solar Critter Stop.

Solar Critter Stop, exclusively provided by Long Island’s original solar energy company Built Well Solar, is the solution (and preventative measure!) specifically designed to be installed around and protect solar arrays and is installed by qualified solar technicians, not random laborers.

They’re new here:  Critters Nesting Under Panels is a Recent Phenomenon on Long Island

Suddenly pigeons, squirrels and other pests are nesting under solar panels on Long Island as never before! Over our company’s 23+ year history, we’ve only in the last five years or so seen this new phenomenon.  The reason? A combination of factors unique to our area. Following Superstorm Sandy and other flooding and storm events,  “critters” began to move to new territories away from shorelines and in more congested suburban areas. Also, new construction such as building of so-called McMansions in previously open-space and wooded areas are knocking out their former habitats.  Overall, climate change with its warmer winters are impacting existing ecosystems. As a result, critters looking for new homes have discovered that the warm and cozy space under solar panels tailor-made.

Squirrels, pigeons and other critters, oh my

Squirrels seek out refuge under solar panels during their nesting season, usually early Spring to mid-Summer. They sometimes chew on the wiring in solar energy systems because these are often coated with nut-based or vegetable-based oils that they love. They can even chew straight through to expose the wiring, causing damage or even a shutdown of a PV system.

Wild pigeons, often known as the rats of the sky, do not necessarily damage wiring, but their damp nests and debris can stress wiring or damage roof shingles. Also, pigeons can carry disease, leave unsanitary and unsightly droppings, and create a noise nuisance for you and your neighbors.

Other pests that may seek out refuge or store food or nesting materials under solar panels can include possums, raccoons and even mice or menacing insects such as bees or wasps.

Solar Critter Stop perfect for prevention

Allows airflow. Solar panels need airflow underneath to maintain a proper temperature on the roof, so Solar Critter Stop is designed to stop critters’ entry while still permitting air to pass through which panels need for optimal performance.

Sturdy. Not only have critters residing under solar panels considerably increased in recent years, but as time goes by they’ve adapted to their new surroundings in other ways by becoming more aggressive, stronger and smarter about accessing their newfound favorite nesting spots. As a result, Solar Critter Stop is specifically sturdy enough to prevent critters from penetrating to protect your valuable solar arrays. Consists of 8″ wire gauge that is thick enough to hold up to today’s more aggressive animals.

Attractive. Solar Critter Stop is installed utilizing specially engineered black fasteners, not easily worn “sticky” glue that eventually may become as much of a mess as the critters created to begin with.  Also, the wire mesh used is black coated  for a clean, classic look that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Expert installation. Solar Critter Stop is a service company of Built Well Solar, celebrating 23+ years as Long Island’s original solar energy design and installation company. Not only do we install the product professionally, but we first clean up and remove any debris and check the system’s functioning. Don’t trust random laborers or subcontractors. Solar expertise is needed, not just general labor or construction skills.


Act now – call or text Nancy at 516-967-0592 or email info@builtwellsolar.com with the subject SOLAR CRITTER STOP before you have rent-free squatting critters under your solar panels!