May 23, 2022 |“Shellebrating” Turtles and Tortoises

World Turtle Day

Sponsored by the American Tortoise Rescue, this annual observance was created to help people “shellelebrate” and protect turtles and tortoises... Read More
April 22, 2022 |Invest In Our Planet

Earth Day

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest In Our Planet”. Amazingly, a “Billion Acts of Green” are taking place across the planet.... Read More
March 18, 2022 |Global Recycling Day celebrates the importance of recycling. Recyclables are known as the “Seventh Resource”.

Global Recycling Day

Recyclables are known as the Seventh Resource because each year recycling saves over 700 million tons in CO2 emissions, poised... Read More
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Built Well Solar wins “Long Island Choice” Award for best solar company

Built Well Solar won the first-ever “Long Island Choice Awards” for best solar energy company. These awards celebrate and recognize... Read More

Built Well Solar made the “Top U.S. Solar Contractors” list for the 9th year in row!

For the 9th year in a row, Built Well Solar has been ranked among the “Top Solar Companies in U.S.,”... Read More
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Apr 25, 2022 |1-minute read

$105 B in Clean Energy

U.S. Clean Energy Draws Record $105 Billion in Private Investment U.S. clean energy drew a record $105 billion in private... Read More
Apr 08, 2022 |1-minute read

Allergies Worse? Climate Change Might Be to Blame

If you feel that your seasonal allergies are more severe and lasting longer in recent years, you might be right.... Read More
Mar 07, 2022 |1-minute read

Recyclable Solar Panels?

While many individual components of a solar panel can be recycled, the ultimate environmentally friendly goal is to make the process... Read More
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