Solar Savings

Solar pays, and pays you back

Solar Energy Is a No-Brainer

Long Island’s electric rates are among the very highest in the country. But you can redirect the very dollars you now interminably pay for monthly PSEG bills to purchase your own solar electric system. Say goodbye to those PSEG bills and hello to FREE electricity.

It’s simple. You have a choice:

EITHER pay for a solar energy system once (paid off in about 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 years with the dollars you now pay PSEG),
OR continue to pay ever-rising electric bills forever! Choosing solar energy is a no-brainer!

Amazing Savings

Soon you’ll be energy independent and won’t care if the next headline in Newsday announces PSEG rate hikes.

A solar electricity system purchase can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over its lifespan, dollars freed up every month, which a homeowner can use to pay for a vacation, a new car, college tuition, or other expenses, and a building owner can use to defray costs or reinvest back into the business.

The cost of a residential solar energy system is sales tax exempt and also property tax exempt. And, a solar energy system increases the resale value of your home, according to several real estate studies as published in the New York Times.

Your Solar Energy System

Since every family’s and business’s consumption habits and electricity needs differ,
we provide a customized, written solar energy system purchase proposal/estimate showing
how the sun can supply your electricity.

Free Proposal

Your free proposal provides full details about your solar energy system purchase, including:

  • System size and components of your solar electric (photovoltaic or PV for short), i.e., the panels, inverter, mounting system, etc.
  • A 3D shading analysis report that actually let’s you see the solar panels on your home or building
  • Solar production simulation with the annual solar kilowatt hour (kWh) offset, which translates to annual savings

We present this proposal during a no-pressure meeting at your convenience, explaining:

  • How grid-tied solar energy works on Long Island
  • How the design and installation process works
  • And, answer any questions.

We only offer system purchases. “Friends don’t let friends lease.“ We do not offer and have never offered so-called “free” solar leasing or PPAs because they do not benefit the consumer. And, we’re sure your accountant and other trusted advisors will recommend against these. Ask them.


The only home improvement that pays you back.

Solar is the ONLY home or building improvement that not only adds value, but actually pays you back. The accumulated PSEG bills you no longer pay add up!

For some 20+ years, we’ve helped thousands of Long Islanders produce their own energy with state-of-the-art solar technology and the highest quality workmanship.

No worries. We make solar easy, straightforward. Yes, it’s all highly engineered to meets all building and electrical codes, etc., but that’s our job. We’ll explain all that in detail if you wish, but let’s face it, you’re hiring our expertise. We’ve done this longer than anyone else on Long Island and are known for only providing top-quality equipment, expert design and installation, and keeping up with state-of-the-art but proven solar technology.We take care of everything, soup to nuts. We’re turnkey, all inclusive (like a favorite vacation?), so no worries.

Solar Savings!

Examples of Actual Built Well Solar Customers’ Solar Savings

  • PSEG’s monthly energy delivery service fee of $12 оп average is included in the Ьills shown above. So, when we subtract that service charge, the solar energy produced actually zeroes out most Ьills.
  • And, solar customers save even more due to locked in kilowatt-hour rates while non-solar customers аге subject to ongoing electricity гаtе increases. This means the amount you save increases as rates rise!
  • Plus, non-solar customers рау their PSEG bills with tахаblе dollars, while solar customers accumulate pre-tax dollars. worth much more.
  • Over а system’s lifetime, the savings can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, а guaranteed investment that beats the stock market every time.

NOTE: These examples are all residential customers. Commercial property owners сап save much more due to accelerated depreciotion in addition to available tax credits.

Bottom line, let’s do this!

Afterall, we’re New Yorkers, so let’s get to the bottom line (oh, but also remember this is good for the planet, our precious Long Island beaches, our kids for future generations—shall we go on?).

Then, if after you meet with us and see that your proposal/estimate makes sense – and we know it will, not only to you but also to your accountant! – let’s do this!