National Beach Day

This holiday raises our awareness of the beauty of beaches and calls on all of us to do your part to protect one of our most cherished natural resources — our beaches. Started in 2014, this day also applauds the major legislation that has helped maintain or restore our beaches to more pristine conditions. After enjoying the beach, leave nothing behind, and keep these landmark U.S. laws in mind:

1948- The Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act sets water quality and pollution control standards to keep America’s waters clean, including its beaches.

1972- The Coastal Zone Management Act

This act aims to “preserve, protect, develop, and where possible, to restore or enhance the resources of the nation’s coastal zone.”

2000- The BEACH Act

The Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act (BEACH Act) was signed into law, amending the Clean Water Act. The BEACH Act requires the EPA to develop criteria for testing, monitoring, and notifying public users of possible coastal recreation water problems. The BEACH Act covers 35 coastal recreational waters near coastal states and territories.