National Clean Beaches Week

Clean beaches are important, especially to Long Islanders like us. During National Clean Beaches Week, we are reminded to “leave no trace” behind, only footprints in the sand.

Founded in 2003, National Clean Beaches Week is held every year from July 1-7. Americans make 2 billion visits to ocean, gulf, and inland beaches each year. This special week is a seven-day celebration recognizing and embracing the importance of clean beaches, and spreading awareness regarding the effects of pollution on marine life, oceans and our coasts.

This is highlighted with four basic themes:

Environment: The 4th of July is the biggest beach visitation day in America – and the MOST LITTERED. During Nantional Clean Beaches Week, the public is strongly urged to “leave no trace” behind — no litter! — and no treading on our precious dunes! Leave only your footprints in the sand.

Dining: The American Heart Association recommends that all Americans eat seafood at least twice a week. During National Clean Beaches Week, Americans are encouraged to have a healthy meal every day during their visit to the beach.

Recreation: More than 180 million Americans visit the beach each year. During National Clean Beaches Week, the public is urged to get out and get active every day by playing, surfing, fishing, walking or swimming during their beach visit.

Travel: During National Clean Beaches Week, the public is encouraged to reduce its carbon footprint though energy efficiency, conservation, carpooling, walking and other green activities.

This special week has drawn enormous public support from over 150 coastal governors, mayors, and county commissions who have issued proclamations in support of the week. In 2007, both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed resolutions enacting the week by unanimous consent.