National Green Week

Taking place from the first week of February through the end of April every year, this unique holiday encourages schools to select a week during this timeframe to observe National Green Week helping to write the narrative of what a sustainable future will be.

National Green Week is sponsored by the Green Education Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future by educating the young generation.

Educators are asked to spend this week steering the interests of young students toward environmental issues by focusing on the three “R”s of the environment — recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.

Schools are are asked to use this week as an opportunity to spend time with students to discuss ways that we can collectively make a difference. The purpose is to encourage students to think about the global environment holistically and critically, as well as to promote awareness of the necessity of sustainability.

The Green Education Foundation offers guidelines for selecting a sustainability themed program that educators can integrate into grade specific lessons, activities and readings in the classroom. Themes include energy efficiency, gardening, waste reduction, green building, green rides, and water conservation. LEARN MORE