See you in September at our booth!

Bellmore Family Street Festival

We hope to see you at our booth at the annual Bellmore Family Street Festival in September! The event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores (Built Well Solar is a longstanding member).

Everyone’s invited to stop by our solar booth at the corner of Bedford and Broadway (in front of McBride’s Pub) near the Bellmore LIRR Station Saturday, Sept. 25th and Sunday, Sept. 26th from 10AM to 6PM. Free solar-related raffle! Free biodegradable balloons! Free solar energy information and so much more! The streets are closed to traffic to offer something for everyone in the form of attractions, crafts, exhibits, food, and family fun! (From Thurs., Sept. 19th through the weekend, enjoy nightly carnival rides and live bands.) More here: